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"The Legacy of the Divine"


By: Susan Brady © 2019 The Tarot Truth

Let me begin by saying that Ciro Marchetti, the author of this deck, is one of the most inspiring and prolific visionary artists of all time in my opinion.

I constantly see You Tube videos of tarot card readings utilizing most often The Gilded Tarot and among my peers, this is one of the go-to decks as well, I’ve observed. His work is transcendent, speaking to the soul not only as a guide, but also as a wise and caring friend or mentor. 

That said, an objective evaluation of his work is nearly impossible; it has touched me that profoundly. 

This is a 78 card deck based on the Rider-Waite-Smith system of tarot which gives both the beginner & experienced reader a time honored and trusted frame of reference.

Starting with the box, one is immediately captivated by the piercing gaze of the Queen of Wands inviting the reader to enter and leave all preconceptions at the door for, she will inform you, this will be no ordinary experience. 

On a more practical note, the box is sturdy, opening with a side flap that is lightly magnetized allowing for easy closure. 

The cards themselves are on solid stock and flexible enough to shuffle and durable enough to withstand many readings. As a person with small hands, I am grateful for their “normal” size. 

As in all or Mr. Marchetti’s work, the colors are extraordinary and vibrant. Lights and shadows dance at his command exciting both the senses and awakening the intuition with the imagery. 

Opening the box, you will find not the standard LWB (Little White Book), but rather a substantial work entitled “Gateway to the Divine Tarot”. 

On the cover, the image of the High Priestess, scroll and pomegranate in hand, looks perhaps into your eyes or perhaps into your soul; or perhaps she is one of the “Blind Ones” not seeing the physical world at all; perhaps gazing at all that is…She’s accompanied by the snowy owl conferring the blessing of wisdom.

Upon reading the story of the evolution of this deck, I was transported to a world before time, his words inducing an almost hypnotic state. Recollections of the cataclysmic end of Atlantis flooded my awareness. Was this his intention? Certainly, I cannot say, just relating my own perceptions. 

Moving forward to the chapter describing the cards, we see commentary and instruction contributed by four well known authors including Ciro Marchetti, Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone, James Rickleff and Leisa ReFalo.

Finally, there are helpful sections on reading the cards, tarot exercises and spreads.

After you have embraced the Legacy of the Divine Tarot and the accompanying book, “Gateway to the Diving Tarot”, you will never see the tarot the same way again, so profound is this work.

The tarot community owes Mr. Marchetti a sincere debt of gratitude for bringing this legacy forward for the personal growth and advancement of all sentient beings. 

© 2019 The Tarot Truth


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