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1. What exactly is Tarot?

Tarot is a form of divination (speaking with the Divine”); also thought to be messages from Spirit. 

2. How does Tarot work?

There are a few ways; tarot communicates with the reader by a system of generally accepted meanings of the images and their symbolism; and also, via the intuition of the reader. 

3. Does Tarot predict the future?

This is a very common assumption. Tarot can most assuredly forecast possibilities for the future however, the future is in our hands. Each & everyone of us has the ability to create our own future based on our choices and actions. Which may or may not be guided by the advice received in a Tarot reading. Your choice!

4. Are results guaranteed?

Not to be trite, but as they say, there is nothing in life guaranteed except death & taxes. The same reasoning holds true for Tarot reading. Why? Again, you always retain your right to choose. After a Tarot reading you may choose to follow or disregard the advice; both actions change what will happen. Should you take no action at all, your experience of the reading will change you and thus, the outcome.

5. How often should I have a reading? 

If you need to revisit the same issue, a 30-day waiting period is the generally accepted norm. 

For a new issue, then no specific time frame is observed.

6. Are card interpretations fixed?

Not at all. They vary according to their place in the reading and the images on the cards as well as the reader’s intuition. 

7. Do you need to be psychic to read the cards?

No, but I find that a well-developed sense of intuition is helpful here as well as a knowledge of symbolism.

8. Can I take notes during my reading?

I can speak only for myself, but I do encourage that and recording the session too. It’s difficult to get a large amount of information and remember it all.