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5-14-19 “K”

Thank you very much for taking the time to read for me. It was very helpful and meaningful as well! 

5-24-19 “DU

Thank you very much for this reading. I do feel it resonated with me in my current situation and highlights a lot of areas I have noticed I need to work on.

6-3-19 “EA”

Thank you so much. This feels incredibly spot on. Swords are where I’m at right now, no doubt. But I like your interpretation of the deer, to be gentle with myself. And the 10 is reassuring that this is the end of a cycle. I appreciate your time and insight.



6-11-19 “AB”

Thanks so much for the great reading!

6-24-19 “SM”

This is great, thank you so much! It resonates with me a lot and describes the journey I am already on. Thanks once again. 


7-23-19 “AD”

Susan blessed me with a fabulous, insightful," Ace of Swords" reading. 

Thank you Queen of Swords. ;) (Susan's nickname)

  8-31-19 “CL”

Thank you so much for your quick answer.
 What you wrote is meaningful to me.

9-5-19 “SS”

I would like to thank you for the quick and precise response. 

I am trying to clean up my emotional closet and you have helped me with this. You see your reading is really accurate.

9-9-19 “MN”

Thank you for your answer. You gave me new hopes.

9-11-19 ”IS”

You definitely put my mind at ease for the time being. 

9-16-19 “AQ”

Thank you so much for your time on this reading. This reading gave me a bit of more clarity on the possibilities I should think about.

9-19-19 “SH”

thanks for good tarot reading it is hopeful.

9-30-19 “RP”

I want to think you for that clarifying reading and I was
> happy with the card that was drawn, it's a very positive card when it
> comes to love!

10-7-19 “RH”

Thank you for the reading. Very helpful.

10-15-19 “JG”

Thank you for the excellent reading!!! It’s more than helpful, it's exactly what I was hoping for. 

Many thanks x